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     Dror Garti, photo-journalist, born in 1971 in Jerusalem, Israel. Dror started his career on a long photographic journey to New-Zealand and Australia. When he returned he decided to focus on the documentary genre as his main passion. He started his career working for local news-papers in the Reshet Shoken network and then moved to work for various magazines. He is involved in documenting diverse communities in Israel - the settlers in Bat-Ayin, the ultra-orthodox Jews in the Hassidic courts, foreign Chinese workers and more. Dror works today for few photo agencies including Hoogte Hollandse (Holland), COSMOS (France), INA (Sweden) and Flash90 (Israel).





  • Participation in FOOD PROCESSOR III 2016 photo exhibition, Tel-Aviv

  • Participation in PHOTO FAIR 2015 exhibition, Tel-Aviv

  • 1st prize in the photo contest, and exhibition "Touch the Light", New Acropolis, Tel-Aviv

  • Participation in EXPOSURE 2013, photo exhibition, New-York

  • Participation in THE ARCHIVE magazine exhibition, Tel-Aviv

  • Particiaption in URBANICA 2013, photo exhibition, Tel-Aviv

  • Participation in PHOTO FAIR 2013, Tel-Aviv

  • "Local Testimony" (Edut Mekomit) 2011, Israeli photojournalism contest

  • "The Making of Tefillin" - a photo reportage work published in various magazines (Flash90)

  • KTANIM, solo photo exhibition, Modi'in

  • Pariticpation in 100 YEARS to TEL-AVIV, 2011, photo exhibition, Tel-Aviv

  • Participation in LET THERE be WATER, 2011",  photo exhibition, Modiin

  • "Backgammon" - series of photos from Israeli game parliaments exhibited at the Ozarot BaHoma Museum in Acre

  • Etnographic portfolio and books uploaded to the Israel Museum archive center




  • "The Archive" - an Israeli documentary journal. Numerous publications

  • "Ultra Orthodox Jews - The Traditional Way" - publication on Edge of Humanity magazine.

  • "Modiin-China" - a photo-essay about the Chinese workers living in Israel. Essay was published in the Reshet Shoken newspaper distribution

  • "Mr. Postman" - a photo-essay about a symbiotic connection between a unique postman and the complicated Argazim neighbourhood in Tel-Aviv. Published in Teva-Hadvarim magazine.

  • "Framing the Ultra-Orthodox Jews" - a photo-essay bringing forward a rich portfolio of the ceremonies and rituals in the Hasidik courts in Israel. Published in the photo journal Composition.

  • "Venice-2011" - a photo-essay about the masks carnival in Venice. Essay was published in the Reshet Shoken newspaper in a country wide distribution

  • "Pinnacles Desert" - a journey to South-Western Australia. Published in Teva-Hadvarim magazine and YNet

  • "Stuart Highway" - a cross-continent journey via one of Australia's most deserted roads. Published in Teva-Hadvarim magazine

  • "Sukkos with the Sameritans" - a vivid documentry piece of the Sameritans pilgrimage to the sacred Mount Grizim. Published in Teva-Hadvarim magazine

  • "Kol Haolam Kulo" - various photograph publications in the ultra-orthodox journal

  • "The Ultra-Orthodox Jews" - a documentry show in Channel 10 included photos from my portfolio

  • Various article in photography blogs - Analog Tale, Lens Baby, Ultra-Orthodox, etc.

Dror Garti photographer photojournalist


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