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Many unorthodox people in Israel criticize the Ultra-Orthodox Jews for not being part of the labor market. A deeper look tells a completely different story. Visiting the various communities of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel reveals some very unique workers and craftsmen. These vary from those who have a very physical job to those who require stamina and dexterity. There are teachers and cooks, buriers and tanners, as well as Torah books writers and Tefillin makers. What unifies them all is that they practice their crafts with deep Jewish belief and great religiosity. Most of them practice their crafts in a traditional way, exactly like it was done by their fathers and grandfathers for hundreds of years, not utilizing electricity and technology to the task. The photos were taken over a 2-year period in the cities of Jerusalem, Bnei-Brak and Beit-Shemesh.

ultra orthodox at work cook Israel kugel
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