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Inspired by a world full of surreal high-definition video games, snaps from low-resolution security cameras and the inflation of heavily processed phone-camera photos, I was seeking to transform the “traditional” photographer in me and research. I came to the realization that the common grounds of the new "photo-generators" are that in most cases, the result is far from the perceived reality. One day I accidentally came across a new photo-generator – the rear camera integrated into my car – which operates only when the car is put into reverse gear and then displays an image into a screen in the dashboard. The view captured is distorted in every manner - proportions are lost, colors are amplified and the result is highly pixelated. Moreover, the result is affected by dust, water, smog and other substances. As the red bold safety message suggests, we cannot trust what we see – which is analogous to the numerous filters everybody is putting today on their photos to transform reality.

check mirrors surreal rearview car camera
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